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Borrowing from Jhony’s Credit Loan

In any case, Jhony’s loans are mortgages, ie a residential property that is the ‘core’ of mortgages.

If the Jhony’s bank does not pay the required amount for the property because the market value of the property is low, any other property may be included in the hedged items. In addition, the house, farm, office, etc., which is used to cover the Jhony’s loan. the owner may be a minor.

Let us now look at the further terms

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In particular, they give high-value loans to properties located in more frequented areas. The reason for this is not the anti-rural character of Jhony’s banks, but simply sound financial considerations. Of course, it is possible to borrow any kind of real estate, but this is the highest when involving real estate in urban and developed rural areas. We assess the value of the property beforehand and then let our dear client know what amount of loan you can expect.

Borrowing conditions in Austria are much more flexible than those offered by Hungarian banks, for the simple reason that no proof of income is required, simply the value of the property. In addition, it is important and meaty that Austria does not have a list of KHRs, so it is possible for those who do not have a bank to lend at home, either because they are active or because they are passive.

This is a unique discount 

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The Jhony’s loan is, of course, based on the euro, with the smallest loan amounting to EUR 20,000 and the largest depending solely on the value of the real estate, ie up to several billion forints. The maturity is very flexible: you can choose up to 20 years, but if you change your mind on the go, you can get a loan back on favorable terms! Compared to the practice of Hungarian banks!

It is also very beneficial that you have to pay every three months so that those who do not have a regular income can only receive money at regular intervals (typically entrepreneurs, companies who do not necessarily pay their fees when they fall due).

You can use the Jhony’s loan calculator to calculate your approximate monthly repayments, but be aware that Jhony’s banks do not lend at a fixed rate, but that each claim is unique. However, the repayment interest may range from 6% to 7.1%, but not more.

If you are interested in Jhony’s credit, please contact us and we will help you with your paperwork and ask for a prior credit assessment from Austria (This will arrive in two days). If positive, we will continue to apply and assist you in obtaining credit.

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