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Borrowing money from the bank and other financial institutions is becoming easier thanks to the use of modern technologies. Of course, there are still traditional ways to obtain funds for your purposes and needs, such as a visit to a bank outlet or your credit advisor.

We specialize in instant loans direct lenders only


The credit process using online tools such as websites is a constant availability whenever and wherever we are within the range of a computer/smartphone/tablet and the Internet.

What if we like online solutions but also value contact with a credit advisor? The solution is to use Green Touch, where we can get real instant loans direct lenders.

Credit process – how to prepare?


Each of us has an unlimited number of needs. We can look at our life and find that we already have everything, and in a moment after taking on the next advertising spot or social media we will desire a trip to an exotic resort or electronic gadget. We have already chosen the financing target.

Can I, like a borrower, do something more to make the loan process run smoothly and effectively? Even before applying for a loan, you can take care of your assessment as a borrower. If in a few years you plan to buy real estate today, take advantage of the financing offer for your small needs, even if you have your own funds for this purpose.

Credit history by paying off even the smallest financial obligations


The same applies to all types of bills, e.g. for the telephone. Lack of timely repayment threatens an entry in economic bases, which in turn negatively affects our history as a borrower.

If we are already the holder of bank obligations, let us ensure regular payment, avoiding paying installments after the deadline or in amounts lower than specified in the repayment schedule. The key will be to show the bank that you have liquidity and pay your liabilities on an ongoing basis.

A multitude of offers, a multitude of possibilities to obtain them. We can choose two options: we can go to the branch where we can find financing, e.g. from a bank or our credit advisor.

We can also take advantage of online financing offers. Each of these options has its pros and cons. The credit process in the branch is an opportunity to discuss in detail the available offers, and provide professional help to the employee.

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Credits and Fast Payday Loans, How to Access /credits-and-fast-payday-loans-how-to-access/ /credits-and-fast-payday-loans-how-to-access/#respond Thu, 26 Sep 2019 11:45:00 +0000

Credither Personal Area for customers is the access to the web of those who have applied for a Quick Loan or a Line of Credit in the online financial Credither.

To access you must enter its website Credither and in the upper right margin you will find a link to identify yourself in the Personal Area with the name of the email and the password you chose when you registered when you requested the credit. Or directly access this Customer Clients link where you must enter your mobile phone or email and password

Credits and Fast Payday Loans granted in Credither

Credits and Fast Loans granted in Credither

In Credither you can request from 500 to 5,000 USD and the way to dispose of the money is through the Credit Line. This form of financing is new in the fast online credit market since all the money loaned at the moment is not available, but the contract allows for the availability of your needs up to the agreed limit of up to 5,000 USD.
These are the strengths or advantages of the Credit Line at Credither :

  • Only pay interest for the amounts available. On the contrary that in the modality of loan that begins to pay by the total amount financed.
  • The amount that can be requested is much higher than in Quick Loans without payroll or collateral where they usually grant 300 USD in the first operation.
  • The type of interest they charge is much cheaper than MiniCredits. As they report on their website a 1.87% monthly although this interest is reserved for VIP clients, it is normal for them to reach up to 50% compared to mini-loans greater than 3,000%.
  • The Credit Line has no commissions. No opening or cancellation fee and they do not charge management fees.

Autorizado Once authorized, the payment is made immediately in 15 minutes you can have the money in your account, with the exception of the time it can take to transfer from one bank to another.

Information Loans with Financial Credit Institutions in Credither

Information Loans with Financial Credit Institutions in Credither

Can you request a line of credit in the online financial Credither while in the Financial Credit Institutions?
Crediea does not admit operations while in delinquent Registries and therefore does not grant loans with Financial Credit Institutions to applicants who have a pending debt of previous Loans or unpaid credit cards. Nor for having stopped paying term purchases.

However, if the debt recorded in Financial Credit Institutions is of a small amount less than 1,000 USD and for some very common causes such as telephone bills, subscription to television networks, etc. It is possible that the Credither company allows it and agrees to study your case.

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Why go to Austria for Austrian credit? /why-go-to-austria-for-austrian-credit/ /why-go-to-austria-for-austrian-credit/#respond Thu, 12 Sep 2019 03:03:48 +0000

Jokes aside, we could say that because you only get Austrian credit in Austria (shoes from the shoe store, though …). But it is definitely worth borrowing from Austria if you want a cheap, low-interest.

Freely available loan

money loan

The well-being of the bubble may also result in the euro having only a few percent interest rates. In other words, if you want to take out a loan, the Hungarian banks will adjust their interest rates to the Hungarian one and the Austrian ones to the Euro. Although the base rate of the Hungarian Forint is not nearly as high as it was in the mid-2000s, the 3% interest rate, as anyone can see, does not mean that a retail loan will have an interest rate of 4%. Unfortunately, at us, loans are still considered usurp. In vain, they cut interest rates without stopping, led by György Matolcsy for years. And of course: deposit rates immediately followed the fall in central bank interest rates, but lending rates were always blown back by the wind.

There was no competition between banks to reduce interest rates

money cash

So, of course, it is hardly surprising that many people are aware of Austrian loans. Low interest, freely usable, can be prepaid without penalty (!!), and even with minimal penalty (1%). There is no better construction on the Hungarian market. Austrian credit is definitely worth the price – in every sense. To take out a loan, you need one property (or more) that you can encumber. The bank disburses 50-75% of the estimated market value of the property.

By the way, the National Bank has already drawn attention to this fact. What does all this mean? Be it personal loans, home loans, or any other mortgage , always read the contract carefully, even in small letters, and don’t just settle for comparing APRs –

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Borrowing from Jhony’s Credit Loan /borrowing-from-jhonys-credit-loan/ /borrowing-from-jhonys-credit-loan/#respond Sun, 08 Sep 2019 03:05:56 +0000

In any case, Jhony’s loans are mortgages, ie a residential property that is the ‘core’ of mortgages.

If the Jhony’s bank does not pay the required amount for the property because the market value of the property is low, any other property may be included in the hedged items. In addition, the house, farm, office, etc., which is used to cover the Jhony’s loan. the owner may be a minor.

Let us now look at the further terms

money cash

In particular, they give high-value loans to properties located in more frequented areas. The reason for this is not the anti-rural character of Jhony’s banks, but simply sound financial considerations. Of course, it is possible to borrow any kind of real estate, but this is the highest when involving real estate in urban and developed rural areas. We assess the value of the property beforehand and then let our dear client know what amount of loan you can expect.

Borrowing conditions in Austria are much more flexible than those offered by Hungarian banks, for the simple reason that no proof of income is required, simply the value of the property. In addition, it is important and meaty that Austria does not have a list of KHRs, so it is possible for those who do not have a bank to lend at home, either because they are active or because they are passive.

This is a unique discount 

money cash

The Jhony’s loan is, of course, based on the euro, with the smallest loan amounting to EUR 20,000 and the largest depending solely on the value of the real estate, ie up to several billion forints. The maturity is very flexible: you can choose up to 20 years, but if you change your mind on the go, you can get a loan back on favorable terms! Compared to the practice of Hungarian banks!

It is also very beneficial that you have to pay every three months so that those who do not have a regular income can only receive money at regular intervals (typically entrepreneurs, companies who do not necessarily pay their fees when they fall due).

You can use the Jhony’s loan calculator to calculate your approximate monthly repayments, but be aware that Jhony’s banks do not lend at a fixed rate, but that each claim is unique. However, the repayment interest may range from 6% to 7.1%, but not more.

If you are interested in Jhony’s credit, please contact us and we will help you with your paperwork and ask for a prior credit assessment from Austria (This will arrive in two days). If positive, we will continue to apply and assist you in obtaining credit.

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Advantages of Engine Covered Quick Credit /advantages-of-engine-covered-quick-credit/ /advantages-of-engine-covered-quick-credit/#respond Tue, 27 Aug 2019 02:26:57 +0000

There are several benefits to using a motorized quick loan, which can be mentioned as an argument in favor of their inclusion. On the one hand, the very fact that is implied in its name is that it is fast credit.

And here the keyword is not credit but ‘fast’

money loan

This means that we can get the loan amount applied for very quickly, in a short time that we would not expect in other loans, as this loan has a lead time of at least three to five days. One of the benefits of a loan is that since it is for free use, it does not have any constraints on what we spend and what we do not.

Motorized quick loan

money loan

In other words, we spend the motorized quick loan on whatever we want, because nothing can limit our desires. And even more than that, there is the advantage of motor-backed quick credit, namely that any type of motorcycle can be used to cover the credit. That is, all motorcycles that are our own, eligible for a quick loan, are under the age of eight and have a license plate number.  We have to expect that a significant proportion of those interested will be bald and strikingly muscular, with little risk. It may also happen that the car is stolen or attempted to be stolen within a few days of the car being viewed.

With regard to the amount of credit that can be taken out, we can say that it is almost unlimited, since only the maximum amount of credit we can limit is the value of the motorbike that is covered. In addition, another positive and obvious advantage in today’s world is that you can borrow in any currency you like, so you can choose from forint or foreign currency, ie Swiss franc or euro.


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Austrian loan with Hungarian real estate collateral /austrian-loan-with-hungarian-real-estate-collateral/ /austrian-loan-with-hungarian-real-estate-collateral/#respond Sun, 25 Aug 2019 02:22:50 +0000

Austrian loans are not only so popular in Hungary because the Hungarian banking system is not able to function as fairly as some Western banks. In the case of Western European or American banks, it is a bad thing to talk about fairness, since the outbreak of the 2008 global crisis was solely the responsibility of the banks.

It’s interesting thought

money cash

Indeed, European banks have only been hit by the crisis, but the leaders of the big banks on the old continent acted as stomachily as they did in the New World. Huge bonuses were also raised in the midst of the crisis – in the end, the English government had to legislate against such backhand practices.

That the Western banks that put their feet to us here are much more jaded than they are in their home country. The reason for this is clearly the soft state regulation that allows banks to trickle freely. However, with the opening of the world, Hungarian citizens are now able to borrow from Austrian banks on Austrian terms.

Nowadays we are talking about more specific mortgage type loans. The point of the Austrian mortgage loan is that the debtor waives the right to own something of considerable value in the event that the lender could not repay the loan to a financial institution. The Austrian bank thus enjoys full protection, as if the debtor fails to pay, he simply sells the collateral. The debtor can do no more than is usually the case, either to avenge the pledge or to take out as much money as he can, or at least partially sell it.

You should always calculate this before borrowing!

money cash

In other words, you do not have to borrow a loan appropriate to Hungarian conditions, but can benefit from more favorable Austrian conditions. By nature, mortgage loans are free to use, without invoice, without certificates. The amount of the loan will usually be half of the prudently estimated value of the property being offered as collateral.

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Borrow small amount with the mini loan, directly on the account /borrow-small-amount-with-the-mini-loan-directly-on-the-account/ /borrow-small-amount-with-the-mini-loan-directly-on-the-account/#respond Thu, 18 Jul 2019 11:52:26 +0000


Quickly transfer money to the account by borrowing a small amount. It can always happen the end of the month is not yet in sight but the bank account is already starting to empty. A few bills still have to be paid and logically there is still to be eaten. At such a moment it is a nice idea that you can borrow a small amount by applying for a mini loan. Hundreds of people now use this form of borrowing every day.

Borrow money and after 10 minutes on the bill

Borrow money and after 10 minutes on the bill

If you want to borrow a small amount, this is quickly needed in most cases. It would not be handy if you had to fill in many forms. It would also not be useful if you still need to be tested at the BKR in Tiel. That is why the mini loan is also a good alternative for anyone who wants to borrow money quickly. No hassle with filling in forms or a BKR review. They call that a mini loan without BKR.

Responsible borrowing

Responsible borrowing

Is it wise to borrow money quickly? You must always ask yourself if there is no other way to get money. Borrowing from friends or family is of course always cheaper. Cheaper borrowing is not possible. If you do not have this option, then the flash credit or the mini loan is the right solution. We will never say more than you need. You pay interest on every extra euro. You must also adhere to the term of the mini-loan.

There are many stories that the mini-loan would be extremely expensive. A mini loan naturally costs money, but it will only become really expensive if you do not adhere to the term of the mini loan. This means that you have repaid the borrowed money too late. In that case you will receive a fine and these are quite high, certainly if you look at the amount of the loan.

Compare mini loans

Compare mini loans

Borrowing money starts with comparing the lenders. There is indeed a difference between the various mini-loan providers when it comes to costs. You can borrow money quickly, provided that you first delve into the costs and conditions of the mini-loan providers. It is a shame if you pay extra interest with a certain provider.

You can of course take out the flash loan online. No long phone calls or a visit to a financial institution but you apply for the loan from behind your computer. Even requesting via your smartphone is already possible. By sending one simple SMS you can already request a mini loan.

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