5 reasons why Bamboo is our premier online investment platform in Nigeria


Bamboo is an online investment platform whose mission is to provide Africans with real-time access to global investment opportunities directly from their mobile phones or computers.

In making a selection for this category, the Pulse team was interested in finding a company that offered the most seamless interaction to users on its platforms, and in addition, bringing a level of innovation that could advance and transform the space. investment in Nigeria. Through our reviews, we found that Bamboo met all of our requirements strongly.

5 reasons bamboo was the easy choice

1. Excellent user experience

Bamboo is very easy to use. It allows users to discover the best global companies to invest in within minutes. Bamboo’s user experience is awesome! The onboarding process is seamless and takes less than 5 minutes. The platform’s intuitive interface also makes it very easy to use, whether you are a new investor or a veteran.

With Bamboo, users have the flexibility to fund their wallets in Naira or Dollars through various options including debit cards, bank transfers, and wire transfers. Making an investment is almost instantaneous and users can choose from the best stocks and exchange traded funds available on the US stock markets. Users can also invest in a fractional way by trading chunks of shares instead of whole sums.

3. Detailed information in real time

With Bamboo, investors don’t have to search endlessly for information about stocks. The application’s stock information pages are very detailed. They display the current stock price, a real-time breakdown of why a stock is moving, a graphical view of how the stock has moved over different time periods, earnings performance, analyst ratings and more. Again. Bamboo also provides real-time information about a stock or ETF in the information page as well as company history.

Signing up for Bamboo takes less than 5 minutes. With a deposit threshold as low as $ 20 and access to fractional shares, Bamboo is accessible to almost anyone, regardless of their financial strength.

Bamboo was launched in November 2019 and since then it has given tens of thousands of Nigerians access to global financial markets. In January 2020, Bamboo was one of five Nigerian companies that were introduced into the Y Combiner 2020 Winter lot.

If you want to learn more about Bamboo or start investing online, visit Investbamboo.com.

Watch this space for more of our choices.

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