90% of investors prefer using online investment platforms: survey


Nine out of 10 Indians prefer to invest through online investment platforms, according to a survey by Kuvera, an investment advisory firm registered with Sebi.

With a multitude of online investment platforms now available, investors prefer these over investing offline through a broker or distributor. Investing directly through the websites of asset management companies is preferred by nearly 7% of respondents, while only 3% prefer investing offline through a broker.

The survey included a list of eight questions in which up to 5,559 people participated. There were up to 528 women interviewed. Among all the survey participants, 46.78% belonged to the age group of 25-35 years, while 25.52% belonged to the age group of 36-43 years. The others were under 25 or 44 and over.

Region-specific trends show that “financial goals” predominate for residents of Chennai (62%) and Hyderabad (52%), while growing wealth appeals most to Delhi (61%), Ahmedabad (55%). .31%), Bengaluru (53.54%), Kolkata (52.94%) and Bombay (52.63%). The concept of goal-oriented investing resonates with survey participants. No less than 4,578 respondents out of 5,559 gave it a value between seven and nine on a scale of one to nine. As many as 2,568 people scored it nine, according to the survey.

Another interesting insight is that despite the growing popularity of index funds among do-it-yourself investors, most respondents (6 out of 10 – 66%) still invest in growth funds. Only 1 in 4 (25%) say they invest in index funds, 2% in international funds and 4% in sector funds and value funds.

Survey participants were well aware of the difference between direct and regular diets. A whopping 88% invest in mutual fund direct plans which are cheaper than their regular counterparts when it comes to expense ratio.

Respondents are not just mutual fund investors. They invest directly in the stock market. Out of 5,559 participants, 4,197 invest in the stock market, while 774 remain on the sidelines. About 600 participants have not yet invested but plan to start soon. When it comes to regions, Kolkata, Ahmedabad and Pune topped the rankings with over 80% of respondents investing in the stock market, according to the survey.

In an encouraging trend, 60% of survey participants are making a SIP of more than 10,000 and more in mutual funds. This shows that young India is not just a saver. They invest a decent amount to secure their future. Regionally, Bengaluru is an outlier where 73% of respondents said they invest more than 10,000 via SIP.

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