Access Holdings Plc disowns online investment platform, Access Capital Daily Investment


Access Holdings Plc has disassociated itself from Access Capital Daily Investment, an online investment platform which funds members of the public and promises “fictitious but mouth-watering” returns on investment.

In a statement filed with the Nigerian Stock Exchange, the bank said it disassociates itself and its subsidiaries and/or agents from the business, contracts, claims or undertakings of Access Capital Daily Investment.

He also warned that he will not be responsible for any loss incurred in connection with transactions or transactions on the products.

What Access Bank says

The statement said in part: “The attention of Access Holding Plc, which trades as Access Corporation, has come to an online investment platform known and described as Access Capital Daily Investment, which has solicited members public to invest in its Access capital investment products promising fictitious but appetizing returns on investment.

“The Company notes with dismay the fraudulent use of its name and logo to mislead unsuspecting members of the public into believing that the products are affiliated with and/or promoted by the Company or one of its subsidiaries. or affiliated companies.

Noting that the relevant authorities have been notified, the bank said it was not responsible for any consequences that may arise from the agreement.

He stated: “The Company expressly disassociates itself, its affiliates, subsidiaries and/or agents from the business activities, contracts, claims or undertakings of Access Capital Daily Investment, Access Capital Investment and any other name, acronym or pseudonym by which they are known or associates.

“Members of the public are therefore advised that the Company, its subsidiaries and affiliates shall not be liable for any loss, damage and/or injury that anyone may suffer as a result of dealings or dealings in the Products.

“Affected law enforcement and regulatory agencies have been notified of this disclaimer.”

What you should know

  • Access Capital Investment would be a Ponzi scheme offering a 100% return on investment. According to its website, it offers a variety of packages, all of which promise a double return on investment.
  • There have been several instances of investment failure by many acclaimed crowdfunding platforms offering high ROI for investors in Nigeria in recent times.
  • The Nigerian crowdfunding space seems to be changing direction, presenting a vague future for the business, due to failing operations. This has fueled a growing sense of pessimism towards the crowdfunding industry in the country.
  • Nairametrics has explained why crowdfunding in Nigeria is failing and presents a vague future for business in the country.
  • From Farm Power to Payfarmer, Goldvest, Emerald farms, Vestpay, HO Corn, FarmKonnect, Farm Sponsor and an endless list of companies, these platforms known to fund a project or business by raising funds from a large number of people who contribute relatively small amounts, usually via the Internet, have defaulted or delayed payments from investment funds, along with the return on investment (ROI) to investors.


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