Is TradeBook changing the future of stock trading?

Is TradeBook changing the future of stock trading?
TradeBook (BusinessWire India)

India Business Wire
Vedant Gupte, Founder/CEO

It takes an idea and a plan to revolutionize the world. This is what the founders of a new fintech startup, TradeBook, are trying to achieve, a revolution in the finance industry.

Founded by two millennials, Vedant Gupte and Aryan Jain, to break down barriers faced by retail players in the stock market. They discovered the general public’s recklessness in managing their investments and the fear they encounter when making investment decisions in the stock markets.

The main features that TradeBook would launch is artificial intelligence trading, they would also offer the lowest brokerage in the market which would be Rs. 10 per order for intraday and derivatives. TradeBook would work as a one-stop solution for finance and also have features like virtual trading and education.

They have further plans to introduce split trading and are looking to launch it by Q3 2022.

TradeBook was launched with aggressive strategies and is gaining customers by offering free shares and lifetime access to their subscription plans and services.

Currently growing, TradeBook has onboarded 30,000 clients in less than three months and aims to hit the one million milestone by FY22-23. According to the founders, TradeBook will become a $1 billion company in the next 2 years at this rate. TradeBook recently raised its first funding (undisclosed funds) to support its pre-listing phase. In an interview with the founders, they claimed to raise more funds in the future to support TradeBook’s growth.

Vedant Gupte, in an interview, said, “Indian markets can be valued even more than US markets if even 10% of Indians start investing in stock markets.” He added, “India’s growth is in the hands of Indians, and TradeBook is here to support them.”


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