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Jamaica Money Market Brokers Limited (JMMB) has added new features to its Moneyline online transaction system.

These new features were introduced in early March following the upgrade of Moneyline. This is a significant achievement for JMMB and is part of the increased desire of financial institutions to improve the customer experience through alternative channels.

As the first local financial institution to introduce trading of JMD and USD denominated shares listed on the Jamaica Stock Exchange (JSE) and to conduct trust unit transactions through its online transaction, the Head of Electronic Services, Teverly Gray, explained that Moneyline has been improved with these

new functionalities in line with innovation and the customer –

centered approach of the JMMB.

Gray said JMMB continues to offer personalized service, expertise and research to help clients make investment decisions, whether online or offline.

“We were able to incorporate more benefits for our clients, including increased access to their investments so that they could easily and conveniently invest in 50/50 JMMB trust funds. They can also buy and sell US dollar denominated stocks on the JSE. This allows our clients to capitalize on even more investment opportunities, ”she said.

security functions

In addition to these features, JMMB continues to improve its security features for Moneyline to ensure a safe and seamless online experience. Group Chief Information Security Officer Orin Malcolm said it’s important that when customers transact online, they can feel safe knowing that they’ve taken the necessary safeguards to guarding against cybercrimes such as phishing.

“Ensuring online security is an ongoing priority for financial institutions, to ensure that customers can continue to enjoy the convenience of using alternative channels while maintaining the confidentiality and confidentiality of personal information,” said Malcolm .

JMMB’s Moneyline offers a range of features, including transferring funds to local and international financial institutions, setting up standing orders, cambio services, viewing account balances, requesting checks, among other features. Introduced by JMMB in 1999, Moneyline allows customers to access their accounts online 24 hours a day using a smartphone, tablet or computer.


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