Tinkoff becomes first Russian broker to offer online stock donation service


Tinkoff Investments became the first Russian broker to offer an online stock donation service.

To give a share gift, customers press the ‘Give Now’ button on the relevant share page in the Tinkoff Investments mobile app, specify the number of shares, and select the recipient’s phone number – which receives a text message or notification regarding the gift.

Eligible financial instruments include those available to unqualified investors, who have not yet passed the Bank of Russia’s mandatory test for trading complex financial instruments, such as stocks, bonds and / or stocks. exchange-traded funds (ETFs).

Dmitry Tarasov, Head of Investment Services Development and Promotion at Tinkoff Investments, said: “Instead of offering an item the recipient may never use, customers can now gift manufacturer stock. of the article or an action in any company. In this way, they can make the recipient part owner of the business, whether it is a Russian retailer of children’s goods, Detsky Mir, Apple or Harley Davidson. The owner can then decide to sell his shares or invest in his future growth.

Tinkoff Investments is part of a larger ecosystem of online financial services, at the heart of which is Tinkoff Bank. Founded in 2006, the bank is today the third largest bank in Russia, with 16.7 million customers.

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